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Aaron Gaul, TDM-CP


Aaron is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, hunger for innovation, and desire for winning clients’ awards. His affinity for neuro-economics, psychology, and behavior change translates into data-driven transportation solutions that don’t only stand out; they advance the industry.

Aaron has 19 years of experience in transportation consulting, and he has been a vital part of the UrbanTrans team for the last fifteen. His experience spans program planning, development, implementation, and marketing. He leads the Program Development and Management (PDM) department, cultivating a highly collaborative work environment. He also serves on the firm’s Board of Directors.

In the time he’s been with UrbanTrans, there’s plenty he’s proud of. But it turns out there’s a few numbers he’s keeping score on: 

  • Convincing his wife to two international relocations to open the company’s Toronto and Los Angeles offices.
  • Speaking at dozens of industry leading events.
  • Contributing to over a hundred innovative TDM plans.
  • Conducting thousands of outreach events to engage with vital stakeholders.

In 2018, Aaron was tapped to serve as a subject matter expert for the development of a Transportation Demand Management certification exam on behalf of the Association of Commuter Transportation. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the TDM Professional Certification. Aaron is currently the Board President of the Southern California Chapter of the Association of Commuter Transportation. He is a Global Landmark peer-selection panelist for Sustainable Transportation & Behaviour Change Designations. 

Aaron earned a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University. Outside of work, you’ll likely find Aaron chasing his two spirited toddlers around the backyard while briefly yet wistfully glancing over at his neglected garden.

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