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Alecia Zackery

Senior Marketing Specialist

Watch out world: Alecia’s on a mission to revolutionize the way diverse communities think about daily commuting, and something tells us she’s bound to get the job done! As the Senior Marketing Specialist for UrbanTrans, Alecia is the marketing lead and creative project manager for some of our most dynamic projects, including Perimeter Connects, AERO and Iride Inglewood.

Alecia shines as a strategic marketer, master storyteller, and brand maestro. With these powers combined, she’s able to orchestrate resonant behavior change campaigns for diverse audiences. Beneath these talents empathetic instincts, Alecia has an eye for behavioral and cultural motivations. She’s established in her work a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity to bring a fresh cultural edge to every project she touches. Her fresh perspective on travel behaviors and place-based marketing campaigns yields dynamic outcomes for our clients’ communities. These initiatives have earned her and her teams’ regional and national marketing awards within the travel and transportation industries.

Alecia brings a decade of experience in MarTech, travel, tourism, and hospitality. Her passion for helping others was cultivated during her time at the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chick-fil-A, and Georgia State University. And with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Professional Sales, it’s clear that she’s well-equipped to make a difference in the TDM field.

When she’s not busy changing the world, you can find Alecia indulging in her love of horseback riding, exploring new cultures and cuisines through international travel, or spending quality time with her adorable son and Aussidoodle.

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