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Matthew Kaufman, AICP

Planning Director

It’s a beautiful thing when a plan moves into action. It takes a special planner to keep it from collecting dust on the shelf, and that is where Matthew comes in. Matthew has 18 years of experience developing plans to help people move more efficiently and improve our environment. He thoughtfully addresses any project thrown at him, and his attention to detail and vast experience results in superior program design, delivery, and evaluation.

Matthew leads up the Planning Department at UrbanTrans, while also serving on its Board of Directors. Some of his recent work includes creating development-related TDM plans and policies; helping design, implement, and evaluate shared-mobility pilots; and creating strategies to address first and last mile travel issues.

Matthew has a master’s degree in urban planning and an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. His interest in planning dates back to his teens when he first started thinking about highways, transit, and how to make travel better.

Matthew says few people enjoy their jobs as much as he enjoys his. He’s excited about the future of mobility and the opportunities that new technologies and services are creating.

Favorite way to get around​