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Patrick Haire

Principal Consultant

For over 10 years, Patrick’s been honing his marketing skills – starting from the ground up as a brand ambassador for an energy drink company in the Coca Cola family. Since then, he’s specialized as a digital marketer, and he loves what he does! When we first met Patrick, we walked away from an impressive  strategies, SEO, and marketing automation and you’ll find yourself in an impressively enjoyable conversation with him—and you’re likely to walk away with a greater understanding of marketing technology.

What makes digital marketing so exciting to Patrick is the constant challenge of staying relevant in a rapidly changing landscape. One solution might work today but not tomorrow, and he thrives on being able to craft strategies that showcase the best of what’s available.

But it’s not just the challenge that keeps Patrick interested. Digital marketing allows for huge storytelling opportunities, giving him the chance to showcase the passion and dedication of his colleagues and clients. Nothing gives him more fulfillment than knowing he helped people tell their story in a way that resonates with their audience.

In his downtime, Patrick can be found practicing his culinary skills, spending time with friends, and watching sports—especially auto racing.

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