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California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Employee Mobility Plan

Pasadena, California
Recommendations included a parking pricing plan; increased and simplified vanpool and transit subsidies; a last-mile service; and TDM branding and messaging among other strategies.

UrbanTrans developed an Employee Mobility Plan for Caltech that identified actions to enhance mobility for its 4,290 employees through an effective transportation demand management (TDM) program. This plan was an update to the institute’s 1989 plan that was required to comply with the City of Pasadena’s TDM ordinance. The plan proposed new and enhanced strategies to further reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to campus, helping to ensure that Caltech continues to meet the average vehicle ridership (AVR) goal set by the City.

TDM strategy recommendations were developed based on a thorough analysis of existing TDM strategies and land use and transportation conditions, feedback obtained during the campus focus groups, analysis of SCAQMD employee commute survey data, campus site visits, and a review of best practices and benchmarks. Recommendations included:
A parking pricing plan

  • Increased and simplified vanpool and transit subsidies
  • A last-mile service
  • TDM branding and messaging among other strategies.

Impacts associated with the enhanced TDM programs were modeled using TRIMMS and were estimated to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle trips to and from campus by between 11% and 23% and increase AVR from 1.6 to between 2.0 and 2.5. UrbanTrans also developed a Year One TDM Program to accompany the plan that outlined actions to commence delivery of the recommended TDM strategies in the first year of implementation.