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Readying Toronto for the Great Welcome Back

Case Study

Following a topsy-turvy 2020 that caused much of Toronto—and the world—to work remotely, Toronto employers had to plan how they would reintroduce in-person workplace activities. Even with the excitement of re-invigorating the City of Toronto’s employment centers, the City raised concerns about the barriers employers and employees faced, including growing traffic congestion.

Toronto, Ontario
Ongoing Project
August 2021 – Present

To ease commuting concerns, UrbanTrans partnered with the City of Toronto’s Smart Commute Toronto program to develop a campaign and series of resources to help Toronto-based employers and residents prepare to return to the workplace. As a pivotal moment for behavior change, this return-to-the-workplace campaign focused on equipping employers and their employees with tools for planning long-term hybrid and remote work policies while supporting safe travel to and from the office via transit, carpooling, walking, or biking to work.

With more than 85,000 employers based in Toronto, the Smart Commute Toronto program staff needed to expand their reach and the scale of their services. So, in partnership with the City of Toronto and the Smart Commute program’s TMA partners, UrbanTrans developed and implemented an integrated marketing campaign and companion campaign website called The website served as a resource center continuously updated with in-depth guides, tip sheets, and webinars on top-of-mind topics, including hybrid work, hotelling, commuting alternatives, and returning to transit. To support broad campaign awareness and resource distribution, UrbanTrans also worked with the Smart Commute Toronto team to create a marketing kit packed with promotional materials that could be used by the City of Toronto and its partners on their direct communications and marketing channels.

unique webpage hits in the initial campaign promotion period of Oct-Dec 2021
total page hits since the website’s launch
‘Return to the Office’ resources downloaded from the campaign website
new employer contacts generated through the campaign website and webinars