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Ranja Andriamanana

Program Specialist

A full-time transit rider for more than two years, Ranja has experienced firsthand the profound power of dependable access to transportation. Now she’s on a mission to help cities give more equitable transportation access so that everyone can have a safe, efficient way to get around. Ranja’s enthusiasm is infectious and it shows in her work. In her role at UrbanTrans, Ranja works closely with commuters, helping them figure out their best way to work.

Ranja brings to UrbanTrans two years of experience in program evaluation and research for public and non-profit sectors.  She recently earned her master’s degree in Public Administration from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. She specialized in Economic Development and Urban Planning. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of New Mexico.

In her free time, Ranja can be found in her kitchen trying out new recipes and poring over books—her favorite genre is fiction. Ranja also invests her time in building relationships with others and seeking new experiences and places.

Favorite way to get around