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Ulla Hester, AICP

Senior Principal Planner

When our project managers need someone who can think outside the box, they call on Ulla. With over 13 years of experience in transportation and urban planning, Ulla leads the planning team to provide the most value to our transportation management associations (TMAs).

Ulla works with both the public and private sector clients to develop transportation demand management (TDM), shared use mobility, and active transportation plans and policies. Recently, Ulla has been creating plans and tools that help developers comply with TDM requirements.

Ulla’s work is driven by her strong commitment to sustainability and passion to improve people’s quality of life through planning. She earned her master’s in City Planning at M.I.T. and is accredited by the American Institute of Certified Planners.

In her spare time, she can usually be found on the side of a mountain for a morning hike, in the middle of a lake for a summer swim or navigating the city on a lovely bike ride.

Favorite way to get around