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Celebrating 20 Years of UrbanTrans

This year marks 20 years of UrbanTrans. That’s two decades of hard work, doing good, tons of memories, and oh so much fun. So, what have we done in our two-decade journey? Have a look.

Twenty years ago we invented Transportation Demand Management (TDM)! Ok, maybe that isn’t true. But in the year 2000, Stuart Anderson incorporated UrbanTrans, fostering a vision of creating the best TDM programs and plans out there. Many of those plans looked far, far away into the future—2020.

Flash forward: Here we are now 20 employees strong, celebrating two decades of contributions that have alleviated congestion, improved air quality, and created more livable communities across the globe.

In 2012, Stuart decided to go into the non-profit sector, but he had instilled a love of the company to several of its staff: Joddie Gray, Aaron Gaul, and Matt Kaufman are now leading the charge. We are so proud to share our accomplishments. And while a few of us may have greyer hair, we are just as passionate as the day we started.

Tag along with us on a trip down memory lane, with a look at the achievements, milestones, and growth we’ve had along the way.

Author: Joddie Gray

President, UrbanTrans

20 Years of UrbanTrans - By the Numbers