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Chloe Grant

Program Specialist

Equipped with a positive disposition and collaborative approach, Chloe is a rising star in the transportation demand management (TDM) industry.  Chloe’s strengths allow her to seamlessly connect with a diverse set of stakeholders to promote sustainability, advance social impact, and build resilient communities.

As a Program Specialist, Chloe has been championing outreach plans for two Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) in the Denver metro area: Transportation Solutions and West Corridor TMA. Chloe’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in building partnerships that go a long way in addressing better transportation behaviors for all.

Prior to joining UrbanTrans, Chloe worked for Boulder County’s Mobility For All Program, which aims to promote multimodal transportation options for residents that are inclusive, accessible, and affordable. Chloe earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Community and International Development and a minor in Global Studies from the University of Vermont. During her time in Vermont, she discovered a passion for participating in environmental advocacy, including participating in a campaign calling for a ban on plastic bag use.

In her free time, Chloe loves exploring all that Colorado has to offer, including hiking, skiing, kayaking, seeing live music, and film photography. She loves spending time outside and exploring new landscapes, whether within the city or in the mountains.

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