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Jennifer Wolfen

Finance Lead

Jennifer’s delightful personality is not only evident in every aspect of her work. It also carries over into a superior product for our clients.  Simply put, she is a problem solver. Her flexibility, wit, and versatility inspire a higher level of production and teamwork. Having worked for UrbanTrans for over eight years, she has consistently infused her humor into the day to day operations, making UrbanTrans an incredibly fun place to work.

Jenn brings to UrbanTrans more than 19 years of experience in office management, vendor relations, and client services. She works on all aspects of UrbanTrans’ financial management and is a bookkeeper extraordinaire. She is currently researching new tools and strategies to improve operations at UrbanTrans.

Jennifer moved to Denver in 1999 from Maryland (with a short 5-year layover in Los Angeles). Her off-the-job interests include camping, baking, and trying to keep her plants alive.

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