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Andy Knauer

Administrative and Compliance Lead

Andy is a formidable fighter of entropy and is happiest when improving the processes and procedures that make businesses run like well-oiled machines. Andy brings a program improvement skillset that enhances the productivity of his consultant colleagues. He utilizes his own brand of behind-the-scenes magic to help UrbanTrans grow and thrive both now and for years to come.

Andy has 10 years of program evaluation and improvement experience with the State of Colorado and an additional five years of experience as a department supervisor with a local credit union. At UrbanTrans, he is passionate about working with a brilliant group of people who are doing important and exciting work.

Andy earned a master’s degree in Public Policy Analysis from University of Denver after completing his studies at Drexel University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

When he is not wielding his administrative magic wand, Andy can be found playing with his two kids, handcrafting in his woodshop, or destroying small bits of turf on the golf course.

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