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Robby Long, AICP

Senior Planner

Robby is dedicated to making cities more livable, inclusive, and accessible through effective programming, policy, and design. He plays a unique role at UrbanTrans, applying both planning and program management skills to key projects including Transportation Solutions, a non-profit transportation management association serving southeast-central Denver.

Robby brings four years of transportation demand management experience to UrbanTrans. More recently, Robby has honed his skills in active transportation planning, transit-oriented development planning, non-profit administration, and reduction of drive-alone commuting through campaigns and outreach.

Inspired by his time living in Amsterdam, Robby pursued a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Colorado, Denver where he focused on transportation planning and urban design.

Outside of work, Robby fills his time running marathons, exploring cities by bicycle, making delicious pizza, and camping and climbing in the Rockies.

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