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Noe Solano

Senior Program Specialist

An effective and compassionate leader, Noe addresses his clients’ needs by removing himself from the situation and focusing on the individuals impacted by their challenge. This approach has empowered him to establish strong employer partnerships when implementing transportation demand management (TDM) programs at UrbanTrans’ Playa Vista Compass, Commute 90067, and Playa District Commute projects. Noe is driven by his commitment and dedication to improving people’s quality of travel through the Los Angeles metro area in a sustainable, economical, and consistent way.

Noe brings a unique perspective to the UrbanTrans portfolio via his workforce development background and understanding of the vital performance elements related to getting people places. Before UrbanTrans, he was tasked with starting an employment development program at a homeless service organization. His strengths in organizational development and data analytics seamlessly transitioned him to his new journey at UrbanTrans to mitigate traffic through TDM program implementation.

Noe received a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Los Angeles in Sociology with a focus on Inequality and Diversity.

When Noe is not working, he’s riding bikes with his family on the Manhattan Beach Bike Trail or putting on his apron to cook up a delicious meal.

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